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Yoga & Fitness Studio 




Working with our family farm, our catering is based largely, around fresh fruit and vegetables grown on the island.

We specialise in vegan and vegetarian catering but we can also cater for any dietary needs.

Set on a peaceful Canarian farm, surrounded by banana plantations and natural beauty, our studio is bright, airy and the perfect place for some relaxing yoga or combine the indoor and outdoor space for an intense bootcamp.

Whether your looking for hand crafted houses made from wood and stone or luxury 5* villas, we can arrange any accommodation to suit your needs and find the perfect environment to get away from it all and relax totally .

Guided Treks



Explore the beauty of Tenerife away from the tourist hotspots.

With a wide range of walks from beginner to advanced, a couple of hours to full days.

Tenerife has beautiful treks to suit everyone.

We can arrange workshops, special events and supper clubs at our vegan & vegetarian cafe.

Anything from themed dinners, a beach yoga and brunch event or a vegan cooking workshop, we have a whole range of activities available.

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