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A truly exceptional product and an everyday essential, Trevarno’s Revitalising Facial Oil feels like a lavish treat for the skin.

Leaving the face feeling super smooth and highly skin refining, this moisturising serum is made from a wonderful blend of organic ingredients, all chosen for their amazing skin perfecting properties.

An excellent balancing oil, jojoba is known to help with the treatment of many skin problems from acne to eczema and for this serum it is blended and infused with rose buds and vanilla selected for their rejuvenating and calming properties. Wheatgerm oil is added as a rich source of skin friendly vitamin E.

This light, nourishing facial oil helps revitalise the skin while keeping it silky smooth and soft and improving skin tone.

Suitable for all skin types. It is key to note that this oil is suitable for even oily and combination skin as it helps to balance the skin.

Revitalising Facial Oil 30ml

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