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Our Story

Producing food is in our blood...

    For over 200 years our ancestors have tilled the land, bringing the farm, Finca La Caldera, through drought and civil war to the present day. Originally focused on bananas, cochinil production and tomatoes, Finca la Caldera has expanded its produce over the years.


This is where we come in. 

    With a mission to bring healthy, natural food and drink to the south of Tenerife, Desde La Tierra works closely with the family farm. Our policy is zero-waste, meaning that our food is produced using the fruit and vegetables that are slightly too wonky to sell to larger businesses.


    With a plant-based attitude, we create recipes that not only look great but also taste amazing, tempting even the most carniverous of palates. Come and see for yourself!

Isabelle & Elisa

 The desdelatierra team 💚__Vida sana, C
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