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Our Products

100% Natural

Our products don't only taste delicious! Made completely from natural ingredients, we pride ourselves in creating products that help our consumers lead a balanced life. 

Although sweet, none of our products contain any artificial additions. That means, no artificial sugar, no preservatives and no funny business! 

For more information and trade enquiries, message or call us!

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Our balls are a perfect sweet treat made with no added sugar, we see them as a healthy alternative to sweets, giving you a long lasting energy boost. Instead of being made with high levels of fat, milk and artificial sugar, our energy balls are packed full of healthy fats, slow releasing carbs and are completely vegan!


Cookies are one of our most popular products and can be eaten as snacks or breakfast!


One of our non-vegan products because we use honey. The granola is like a cereal but it is full of nuts and dehydrated fruit, you can eat it with milk, yogurt or just as it comes in the pack!


Our strips are mixtures of dehydrated fruit. Most flavours have no fat and all are full of vitamins. Perfect for any time, anywhere!

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